Please email the following information to to verify the payment.  

How was the payment made?  

With a credit/ debit card 

    If the payment did process on your bank account. Please include the last 4 digits of the card used, the amount paid and the date it was processed.  

Mailed check 

    If it was mailed less than 2 weeks ago it may still be in transit.  

    Home delivery service will continue for 30 days after the expiration date. Once received the payment will apply to the service after the expiration date.   

Bank’s online bill pay 

    Verify your account number is noted correctly on your online bill pay. 

    Did they mail us a check? 


     Please confirm it was mailed the either billing address below. If it was not sent to either address listed below, please reach out to your bank.

        PO BOX 986522  

        BOSTON, MA 02298-6522 

        PO BOX 11349

        PORTLAND, ME 04104

        If the check was been deposited, please include the check number, amount paid and date processed in your email .